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The Ball and Chain


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One of Kim’s many crazy ideas for E.
She hadta walk around the ENTIRE day with this strapped to her.


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Hens Night

This post is waaay overdue.

Can’t believe E’s finally getting married.  It’s one thing to hear about these amazing stories on internet dating but to actually see one of my close friends finding the man of her dreams from a dating site, it gives all of us HOPE.

Jan 16-18 saw the girls head up to Phuket for a CRAZY weekend.Kim came up with the craziest games for the Hens Night but we all had a blast giving E a hard time. She made a choker out of cherries and we made E walk around Patong with a sign that read ‘Pop my cherry for 20 baht’. E was adamant about QUALITY CONTROL and would only allow CUTE guys eat the cherries off her neck. Ha. I had loadsa fun just taking it all in.

We earned a fair bit of money from that and got us all these mad looking fedora hats which we then put on for a mad night of dancing in the club.

It was a weekend of firsts for me.

First time I attended a hens night.

First time I had 7 tequilla shots in  a row.

First time I got drunk and passed out on the dance floor!

First time I puked in 15 years!

We lost our money, the camera and my sandals all in one night! The morning after felt like a scene right out of the movie Hangover. But the amazing thing is how we were all so COOL about it. We all had tons of fun and decided it was meant to be. No one was sore about ANYTHING. We really should do more of these girly trips.

* I can’t post any incriminating pictures from the night (she made us swear) so you’ll just have to take my word for it.

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I’m now FINALLY at a job that I am happy at. But reading the last post makes me realise how much I miss consulting. It really makes you think and ask questions.

I find myself doing less and less of that in this role. Of course there are new things that I’ve picked up here but I REALLY need to  learn NOT to stop asking questions.

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