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ST_30Jun_The rise of the neo-nomad (continued)

Interesting article in ST by Lynda Gratton, first female professor at LBS.


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Current Read

From the world bank blog:

For a much longer and opinionated read (yet again very well written and interesting), a new book by Michela Wrong is out, this time on Kenya, entitled ‘It’s Our Turn to Eat’. It focuses on how potent the mix of ethnicity, aid, corruption and violence has been in shaping adverse developments in Kenya. It is told through the story of John Githongo (the ‘whistleblower’), one of the number of courageous anti-corruption czars in Africa who tried to go after the corrupt big fish and were defangled in recent years. Nigeria’s Nuhu Ribadu is another such stalwart case, and there are others.

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It seems like only yesterday when I watched “This is it”. I’m still sad I never got to see him perform live.

He was definitely a fashion icon. With the milatary  jackets, cropped pants and shoulder embellishments, he was way ahead of his time.


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The Africa in PUMA

by Ahmed Salman on Mar 18, 2010

From the likes of Google and their ‘daily-changing’ identity, it seems that the sacrosanct notion of not being allowed to tamper with a core visual asset is no longer valid.

PUMA has supported Africa for over ten years now, sponsoring sporting initiatives and aiding in humanitarian efforts – its latest sponsorship was the African Cup of Nations held in Angola earlier this year.  To visually show its commitment to the football-crazed continent, it replaced the famous jumping puma from its identity with a map of Africa.


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Indochine Prawn (Wrap) from The Soup Spoon
Kaffir Lime Prawn, Coriander, Vermicilli, Water Chestnut, Duo Mio, Carrot, Lettuce, Cucumber, Shallot, Peanut Sesame Dressing

Yum. 🙂

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I found my first strand of white hair today. First it was white spots on the face due to sun exposure, now this. Oh my. The aging process has begun! Ok ok I’m overeacting I know.

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Growing from 35 to now 50 countries, The Anholt-GfK Roper Nation Brands Index measures the power and quality of each country’s ‘brand image’ by combining the following six dimensions:
1. Exports – Determines the public’s image of products and services from each country and the extent to which consumers proactively seek or avoid products from each country-of-origin.
2. Governance – Measures public opinion regarding the level of national government competency and fairness and describes individuals’ beliefs about each country’s government, as well as its perceived commitment to global issues such as democracy, justice, poverty and the environment.
3. Culture and Heritage – Reveals global perceptions of each nation’s heritage and appreciation for its contemporary culture, including film, music, art, sport and literature.
4. People – Measures the population’s reputation for competence, education, openness and friendliness and other qualities, as well as perceived levels of potential hostility and discrimination.
5. Tourism – Captures the level of interest in visiting a country and the draw of natural and man-made tourist attractions.
6. Investment and Immigration – Determines the power to attract people to live, work or study in each country and reveals how people perceive a country’s economic and social situation.

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