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Yoga bridge pose

I managed my first bridge pose all on my own today. Big milestone for me.  I remember practising for months with Asokon (ex yoga teacher) and not being able to do it.

Benefits of bridge post:

  • Starts to change the balance between strength and flexibility of the musculature of your physique.
  • Props up postural positions
  • Promotes a balanced position of your pelvis that prepares your postural muscles for productive curative work.
  • Stirs up and make the core abdominals stronger for controlling your pelvic tilt. Make the low back muscles stronger.
  • Helps you get rid of unwanted muscle tension, for instance, in certain muscles of your shoulders and in the front of your body.
  • Utilizes both front and rear muscles of the body to even out your trunk.
  • Cultivates in the practitioner an awareness of his / her body in space.

¬†Pity I don’t have enough moolah to sustain both yoga and tennis.


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