Ken Hirai

Has one of the most beautiful voices ever.

A bit late but I just purchased my first Camel coloured skirt for work.
I am loving how small it makes my waist feel. Not as sexy as a pencil skirt but definitely more soft and feminine. Now all i need is the perfect black chiffon/lace blouse to go with it. 🙂


Head Over Heels Couples 8K Run (28 March 2009) – 00:47:32.12

Saucony Passion 10K Run (24 May 2009) – 1:04:10.61

Mizuno Mount Faber 10K Run (14 June 2009) – 1:16:09.17

Singapore Army Half Marathon 21K Run (June 2009) – 2:26

Borneo Marathon (11 October 2009) – To be posted soon

Standard Chartered Marathon – 5:54


Mizuno Mount Faber 10K Run – 1:08

Singapore Army Half Marathon 21K Run (12 Sep 10) – 2:33.05

Standard Chartered Marathon 2010 – 5:24:50


Mizuno Mount Faber 10K Run 1:16:06

Standard Chartered Marathon 2011 – 6:19:58 (Very disappointing run 😦 )

Word of the day

From wonderful wiki:

Machiavellianism is, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, “the employment of cunning and duplicity in statecraft or in general conduct”, deriving from the Italian Renaissance diplomat and writer Niccolò Machiavelli, who wrote Il Principe (The Prince) and other works. “Machiavellian” (and variants) as a word became very popular in the late 16th century in English, though “Machiavellianism” itself is first cited by the OED from 1626. The word has a similar use in modern psychology.